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Go Here and send the exact amount of ADA to the given address, after a couple of network confirmations a random NFT will pop up on your wallet together with our cute utility token: Garlic Coin. Please use only compatible wallets like, Nami, Gero, Typhon, Daedalus or Yoroi, not Exchanges or the NFT will be lost forever!

Sad Cards consists of 54 different cards, 100 copies of each card, and 5 tiers of rarities. Each single card will have: 1 Legendary (Orange) 7 Epics (Purple) 14 Rare (Blue) 28 Uncommon (Green) 50 Common (Light Gray)

If you send a wrong amount, the sum sent will be refunded, however, withholding the cost of the transaction (about 0.18 ADA). On the other hand, if you send ada to a wrong address we will not be able to do anything to help you, so double check.

Sad Cards:

Garlic Coin: