Garlic Soul

Art, CNFTs and Board Games


In Progress:

  • Start of onboarding procedure for Garlic Coins
    Each staked wallet will be able to withdraw 1 Garlic Coin every epoch
    Each staked wallet to CSP staking pool will be able to withdraw 5 Garlic Coins every epoch.

To Do:

  • Merch Giveaway
    Once reached specific sales goals we will start producing real deck of cards for giveaways and shop.
  • Garlic Coin Raffles
    Owners of Garlic Coin can decide to send one coin to a designed address, each coin sent in a separate transaction will count as one entry for the raffle.
    At the end of the raffle the winner will be able to spend the dust from all the ticket entry to purchase any NFT from the secondary market.
    If the total collected Dust is too small (< 20 ADA) the winner will get the total Garlic Coin pot.
  • Creation of Clove coin and relative tokenomics
    This coin will have limited supply and policy locked to ensure it's future value and decimals.
  • Garlic Coin Converter
    This tool will let Garlic Coin holders to exchange GC for Clove coins untill all Clove have been distributed.
  • Creation of Liquidity Pool for Clove coins
    Liquidity Pools for Clove coins will be created in pair ADA/Clove on Minswap or SundaeSwap
  • Garlic Soul Art Contest
    Once Garlic Soul's Discord reach a good amount of users we will start an art contest, the winner will get a special 1/2 NFT card, and the other NFT will be auctioned and the proceeds will go to a charity decided by the community.
  • Benefits for Discord OGs
    The benefits for Discord Og will be outlined, will include a head start for any of our future sales, discounts, and more.
  • Developement of Games
    When the community reaches a sufficient number of members and the Sad Cards approach Sold Out, the development of physical or digital board games will begin.


  • Garlic Coins Minting for airdrop in DripDropz
    Garlic Coins for distribution on have been minted and await approval to be distributed.
  • Verification of policy on
    Our Policies have been verified on
  • Verification of policy on
    Our Policies have been verified on
  • Verification of policy on CNFT.IO
    Our Policies have been verified on CNFT.IO
  • Creation of the Vending Machine
    Our developer, owner of the CSP staking pool, has developed the Vending Machine for our Sad Cards.
  • Creation of all the drawings and rarity Borders
    Our artist CaLi designed all the artwork of our cards
  • Creation of Socials
    Twitter, Discord, Telegram